The helpline dedicated to school teachers and staff in FE and HE

Helping UCU Reps

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Complementing the trade union support UCU gives to its members, Recourse (formerly College and University Support Network) offers round-the-clock telephone and online support to all staff working in adult, further and higher education. All services are free and completely confidential.

Being a Union Rep

As a union rep, you may find that people seek advice and support with which you could do with some back-up. Perhaps this is information about benefit entitlements; perhaps it’s advice on how to approach a difficult conversation with a manager or colleague; or maybe it’s a shoulder to cry on for a member in distress.

While you may not mind going above and beyond every once in a while, it may be helpful to know that there is other support out there. By referring people to Recourse, you can ensure that your members get the best possible support when they are most in need.

There are many ways that you can access our support services. We have over 700 factsheets on our InfoCentre on many of the issues that you may encounter during your time as a UCU Rep.

By visiting our InfoCentre you can find lots of information to help you deal with member enquiries.

The top issues we are contacted about are:

  • Working conditions: workload, redundancy, allegations and returning to work.
  • Money – budgeting: making the most of your money, and dealing with debt.
  • Personal issues: bereavement, relationship problems and communication.
  • Careers: finding a job, part-time working and retirement.

You can also refer your members to our support line at 0808 802 03 04 where they will reach our trained coaches and counsellors. The support line is available 24/7 for free and in confidence.

You can also order free Recourse support material to go in your branch office or staffroom. You can order material through our website or call the support line at 0808 802 03 04.