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Money Management and Grants

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We can help you take control of your financial problems with debt counselling from our money management team. These services, as well as grants, are available to all staff in further and higher education in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. 

Money management

We believe that an emergency grant payment may help some people in the short term, but we would much rather help you find a longer term solution to your financial problems. Money advice can help you better manage your money and your debt. 

​How do I get money advice?

There are two ways to get advice:

What kind of advice will I receive?

We can supply help with:

  • Welfare benefits guidance
  • Debt Counselling
  • General debt counselling

We will also see if other organisations, such as your union, can help you too.

While we are not able to give you a full financial advice service in the way a Independent Financial Advisor would, we can help you sort through your money worries by working with you on budgeting and the emotional aspects of money management. We may also offer financial assistance through direct grants in some situations.

Money Management is available 8am – 8pm, Monday to Friday.


We provide grants to all educational staff in financial difficulties. Examples include:

  • Council tax
  • Mortgage payments
  • Rent payments
  • Payments for food

How do I apply for a grant?

You can speak to our Grants team in confidence. They will explain the grants process to you in more detail. You may be offered money advice as part of this free service.  Terms and conditions apply.

  • 0808 802 03 04

Am I eligible for a grant?

Any staff working within adult, further or higher education may be eligible for a grant, as well as serving, former and retired lecturers.

Eligibility requirements apply and all applicants will be required to make use of our debt counselling services before a grant can be awarded. A support team member will ask you questions about your financial circumstances to check whether you are eligible. 

Is there anything I cannot apply for a grant for?

In most cases, grants cannot be awarded for;

  • private school fees
  • fees for educational courses
  • private medical treatment
  • white goods
  • furniture
  • redecoration
  • home repairs and maintenance
  • holidays or payment for curriculum related field trips
  • tuition cost, student loans or student debts

Grants are not generally awarded for non-priority debt, but money advice is always available.

Can I still apply for a grant in holidays?

During holiday times, when the Support Line is open, but the Head office is closed, a maximum one-off amount of £250 will be paid out as an emergency, subject to the usual eligibility criteria.

How will it be paid?

Payment is usually made in the form of a cheque to a third party i.e. landlord, utility company.


Available 8am-8pm, Monday to Friday.